Our workbook home schooling gives parents the ability to affirm the values of the home and adjust curricula to each child’s learning needs. GLCA workbook program is guided by the concept-by-concept learning method. Students master and fully understand each concept before moving on to another. GLCA is proud to use ACE curriculum for grades K through 12. Our kindergarten program, Learning-to-Read, a phonics-based program, equips children with a strong foundation as they continue to work towards educational and leadership advancement.

Work-Book Program

This program allows a student to receive extra help from a teacher, if they have questions, students can email and a teacher responds within 24hours-48hours, if needed it also allows for a one on one session with a teacher, the one on one session comes with small additional fee of $25 per session, usually an hour, and its offered at all levels- 1st-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th – Lessons will be scheduled between the teacher and the student at a very convenient time, the session will be held via Zoom